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The New Windsor Heritage Committee meets on the first Monday of the month at 7:30 (the meeting is usually moved to Tuesday if the meeting date falls on a holiday). Please join us!


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We are raising funds to complete the purchase of our building at 207 Main Street. Our goal is $100,000, and through the generosity of our members we are almost half-way there. With the funds raised we will:
  • Purchase the building
  • Install an ADA accessible bathroom and water fountain
  • Modify an entrance for ADA compliance
  • Protect our collection with UV window film
  • Create a building maintenance fund
  • Work with educators to create a local history curriculum
  • Continue financial support for middle school archaeological digs
Won’t you help? We are a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization, and all contributions are tax deductible. Remember, it is through your generosity that the mission and operations of the NWHC will be allowed to continue, serving the citizens of Carroll County and the students of our local schools. Donate today to keep our proud heritage alive for future generations. The good you do could last longer than the here and now. HELP SAVE NEW WINDSOR’S HERITAGE! Thank you!

Time's Crossroads: The History of New Windsor, MD

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 By Emmy Award winning producer, Frank J. Batavick  - The book is heavily illustrated with 156 archival maps, engravings, and photos and is available for sale at the Heritage Committee's Fountain Shoppe, and at the gift shop at the Carroll County Historical Society, as well as on .

VOLUNTEER - Get Community Service Hours!

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The New Windsor Heritage Committee is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization; therefore we are a suitable organization for students looking to complete their community service hours.
Volunteer opportunities include:
  • Being a docent at the museum
  • Helping to catalog the collections
  • Working at special events
  • Helping with the archeological dig

And MORE! Interested?  Call and leave a message at 410-635-2602 or email us at

"Time's Crossroads: The History of New Windsor, Emmy Award Winner

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"Time's Crossroads: The History of New Windsor, MD" film is an EMMY award winning production! It won in the "Documentary- Historical" category at the 54th Annual EMMY Awards of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter in 2015. Purchase "Time's Crossroads" for the holiday sale price of $10 at the NWHC Fountain Shoppe or contact us at 410-635-2602 or

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