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2012 NWHC Picnic

The Annual NWHC Picnic was held on July 8th. Due to extremely high temperatures the event was moved indoors to the Atlee House Cafe where the attendees enjoyed a potluck supper. Awards were presented by President Doris Ann Pierce to those who have made special contributions to the group.

Lanny Harchenhorn and Doris Ann Pierce

Mr. Lanny Harchenhorn was recognized for on-going legal support to the NWHC.

Bryce Workman and Doris Ann Pierce

Curator Bryce Workman's extensive contributions to the documentation of the town's history were recognized.

Frank Batavick and Doris Ann Pierce

Frank Batavick's amazing achievements of an EMMY Award and a CMC Vollie Award were celebrated. His outstanding efforts on the "Times Crossroads" documentary are sure to bring more attention to the history of the town.